Bournemouth Borough Council: 01202 451 451 (UK Local Number)

Phone Bournemouth Borough Council by calling their UK contact number 01202 451 451 for assistance when setting up a charity campaign, to enquire about local social services and to apply for available council housing.

Bournemouth Borough Council is the local authority which governs this picturesque South England town, as such they will be your point of call should you require assistance with setting up a community fundraiser. Therefore you should phone their general enquiries contact number 01202 451 451 to notify them that you are planning a charity event so that they can advise you on whether any fees need to be paid, for tax requirements and to notify them that traffic in the local area may be affected. They may also be able to help you to promote your event particularly if it benefits a small charity that helps their citizens.

Calling Bournemouth Borough Council will cost you the same as making a call to any other 01202 number as well as phoning other 01 and 02 area code numbers. Please confirm your exact costs with your provider but unless you have free inclusive minutes on your particular tariff you will normally pay a per-minute rate as well as an access charge.


Other services offered by Bournemouth Council

Social services – 01202 454 979

Phone Bournemouth Borough Council by dialling their social services contact number 01202 454 979 for adult mental health support and for child’s services including fostering. Moreover if you have an upcoming assessment by social workers you can call this helpline to rearrange the appointment if the initial date is not suitable, however some meetings are compulsory.


Bournemouth council housing – 0800 028 1870

Contact the Bournemouth local authority for free by calling their freephone telephone number 0800 028 1870 to apply for council housing and to check your current position on the waiting list. Moreover you can phone this helpline if you are an existing tenant for maintainance enquiries thus if your heating or water supply is not working you can dial this number to place a request for an engineer to examine the issue.


A brief guide of Bournemouth Borough Council phone numbers

Bourenmouth Council division Local contact number
General enquiries 01202 451 451
Social services 01202 454 979
Council housing 0800 028 1870
Child social care 01202 458 101
Council tax queries 01202 451 597
Tourist information 01202 451 734
Parking enquiries 01202 454 721
Waste disposal and recycling 01202 451 199