Dorset Reclaim (Bournemouth): 01202 773 384 (UK local number)

Phone the Bournemouth branch of Dorset Reclaim on their general enquiries contact number 01202 773 384 to arrange a collection if you would like to donate a piece of household furniture to be sold by the charity.


About Dorset Reclaim

Dorset Reclaim is a charity in the South-West of the United Kingdom that aims to distribute used furniture and electrical goods that have been donated by local people as well as businesses. The charity offers additional discounts for households on low incomes who are looking for bedroom furniture such as wardrobes and beds to kitchen equipment such a fridge-freezer.


Dorset Reclaim General Enquiries – 01202 773 384

Phone Dorset Reclaim on their general enquiries contact number 01202 773 384 if you are a Bournemouth resident who would like to donate an unwanted piece of furniture to the charity. Dorset Reclaim accepts a range of goods that are in good working condition in order to support clients who would like to purchase affordable furniture for their home. Therefore, callers may wish to discuss what sort of furniture the charity accepts or if they will take a piece of kitchen equipment such as a fridge-freezer or cooker. You should also call Dorset Reclaim to book a collection from your Bournemouth home as the charity offers a free pick up service on particular days of the week depending on the area in which you live.

Furthermore, you can call on behalf of an agency or public authority to refer a client to the charity provided that they have a household income of less than £25,000. However, anyone is welcome to shop for furniture using the Dorset Reclaim online store. As the charity relies entirely on donations, their stock changes on a daily basis but it should be noted that their prices reflect a need to cover running costs. You may also choose to register as a member in order to receive a 25% discount on all items in store that are priced at £5 or over. Furthermore, Dorset Reclaim offers a delivery and installation service to residents in the Bournemouth area at an additional fee of £15.

Alternatively, you may wish to get in touch to make a one off donation if you would like to support the charity but do not have any furniture to donate. You even be willing to set up a direct debit to support the charity with monthly donations and can ask a Dorset Reclaim for the relevant bank account information to do so over the phone.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

Dorset Reclaim uses a local contact number that will charge callers the same standard per-minute rate as any other local call from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact the charity for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your telephone’s service provider as part of a monthly tariff agreement. The charity’s helpline is available to be contacted during the working week as it operates its helpline during the opening hours of 9am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4pm on Fridays.


Visit the Bournemouth Branch of the Charity

If you would like to arrange a viewing of a piece of furniture that you have seen online then you should take note of the address of the Bournemouth branch of the charity so that you can find your way via SatNav: 85 Stanley Road, Springbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4SD, United Kingdom.